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MLS's nationwide network of credentialed Physician Reviewers covers all major specialties and subspecialties, with expertise in a wide variety of areas. Our physician recruitment process includes primary source verification, rolling credentialing and monitoring by the Continuous Query service, ensuring that clients have access to the most thoroughly vetted and trained professionals.

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Innovative Ways Physicians Employ Their Training and Expertise

After years of education and training, a licensed physician possesses many qualities beyond their medical skills that can serve them in other professions. In fact, there are many options for non-clinical physician jobs, from research to medical peer review to entrepreneurship. The MLS blog explores these opportunities beyond the clinic.

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We welcome inquiries from both physicians who already perform IME and Peer Review services and those who are interested in supplementing their practice as a Physician Reviewer. If you are interested in becoming a Physician Reviewer with MLS, please contact us today:

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